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Tips for using rotary evaporator

Oct. 09. 2021

1. Remember not to open the circulating water too much, otherwise the water will overflow;

2. Open the water pump, close the vent valve of the rotary evaporator, and start to rotate after the vacuum drops to more than half to prevent it from falling;

3. When there are a lot of bubbles in the bottle, deflate them in time to prevent them from erupting;

4. If it is sprayed, clean the explosion-proof ball in time to avoid polluting other samples;

5. Pour out the waste liquid in time after spinning;

6. Use the oil pump to turn it back and restore it to its original state;

7. Turn off the circulating water after spinning;

8. When suction filtration and rotary steaming are used at the same time, do not pipe the water pump, otherwise it will suck back;

9. After use, bleed first, then turn off the pump, and then turn off the circulating water.