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Future development trend of heater chiller

Apr. 21. 2022

Dynamic temperature controller is a kind of mechanical equipment with high-precision refrigeration and heating. It can not only refrigeration and heating, but also quickly raise and lower the temperature. It is an equipment produced by the continuous improvement of process requirements in chemistry, laboratory, biology and other fields, and has been developing and making progress.

Future development trend of heater chiller

In the past, if you wanted to raise and lower the temperature quickly, you needed a refrigeration equipment, a heating equipment and other equipment to achieve this effect. It was not only slow, occupied a large space, but also had a high failure rate. After the emergence of high and low temperature all-in-one machine, these problems have been solved. But at the same time, there are some new problems. All manufacturers are trying to solve these problems, which has greatly promoted the development of high and low temperature all-in-one machine.

The future development trend of heating and cooling circulator will be in shape, control system, refrigeration and heating speed. Although the size is very small compared with the equipment in the past, miniaturization again is the trend in the future. Although the current control system has been fast and simple, there are still places to upgrade, such as voice operation. The cooling and heating speed should be at a higher level, so as to meet the strategy of energy conservation and environmental protection.