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Three methods to test the tightness of double layer glass reactor

Nov. 09. 2021

Double layer glass reactor is a common equipment in our laboratory. Generally, the double layer glass reactor shall be subject to air tightness test before leaving the factory, but the air tightness performance will decline after the equipment operates for a period of time. In order to prevent leakage during reaction test, it is necessary to conduct air tightness test regularly. Airtightness is an important performance index of glass reactor. Because the reaction test of chemicals containing harmful chemicals is often carried out in the glass reactor, the consequences of leakage accidents are very serious. Therefore, if there is no sealing inspection, the jacketed glass reactor cannot work stably for a long time.

Three methods to test the tightness of double glass reactor

Three methods for detecting the sealing of double layer glass reactor:

1、 Temperature test, pressure test and air tightness test are adopted. The test medium can be air and nitrogen. The ideal is inert gas. Oxygen or other gases are prohibited.

2、 The pressure shall be measured by means of temperature rise and pressure rise. The temperature rise and pressure rise process must be carried out slowly. The heating speed shall not exceed 80 degrees per hour. During the pressure test, connect the inlet valve of the compressor or high-pressure pump to the glass reactor. Be sure to boost the pressure in several times, with the working pressure as the interval, stay for 5 minutes every time you rise to the test pressure, stay for 30 minutes when you rise to the test pressure, and observe the sealing condition. The test pressure is between 100-105%.

3、 If air leakage is found during the test in the double layer glass reactor, the pressure shall be reduced first, and then the nuts and joints shall be properly tightened. It is strictly prohibited to tighten under high pressure.

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