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Development of water bath.

Sep. 08. 2023

The development of low-temperature circulating water bath has undergone years of development and improvement, with significant improvements in performance and functionality.

Development of water bath.

1. Upgrade and upgrade.

Continuously upgrading existing low-temperature constant temperature water tanks, and launching a series of new product lines, such as intelligent low-temperature circulating water bath with automatic intelligent control systems, remote monitoring systems, large screen displays, precise refrigeration, energy conservation and environmental protection.

2. Intelligence.

The new generation of low-temperature circulating water bath is increasingly tending towards intelligence and automation. The low-temperature circulating water bath have achieved dynamic constant temperature control, early warning protection system, data storage, remote monitoring and other functions.

3. Multi point energy-saving control.

The energy-saving of low-temperature circulating water bath is currently a key focus in production, and a multi-point energy-saving control system is adopted, which can automatically select and switch working states, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the impact on the environment, greatly improving the service life of the equipment.