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Analytical instruments for vehicle battery

Nov. 16. 2023

The vehicle battery heating technology needs to comprehensively consider factors such as battery performance, environmental temperature, and battery usage scenarios, and choose an appropriate heating method.

The development of vehicle battery heating technology also requires continuous optimization and improvement to improve the performance and reliability of batteries.

Analytical instruments for vehicle battery

The instruments used in vehicle battery heating technology mainly include the following categories:

1. Temperature measurement: such as thermocouples, infrared thermometers, temperature sensors, etc., used to measure the temperature of batteries and monitor their working status in real-time.

2. Battery performance testing: such as battery testing system, battery internal resistance tester, battery capacity tester, etc.

3. Safety testing: such as short circuit tester, impact tester, needle puncture tester, etc

4. Environmental testing equipment: heating and cooling circulator battery load tester, low-temperature box, high-temperature box, constant temperature and humidity box, etc., used to simulate different environmental conditions, conduct weather resistance, durability tests, and material analysis experiments on batteries.

5. Data collection and analysis: Data collection cards, data analysis software, etc., to evaluate the performance and reliability of batteries.