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How to install rotary evaporator?

Jun. 25. 2021

1. When installing, first adjust the angle of the machine head. As long as you send the locking wrench on the right side of the machine head, you can adjust it. Generally, it is inclined to the right and downward by about 30 degrees. When adjusting, the other hand must hold the machine head, and after adjustment, it must be locked. Then install the support and fixing plate on the left side of the head, and then put the vertical bar on the left side of the head, and the screw should not be tightened temporarily.

How to install rotary evaporator?

2. Spindle installation: each grinding interface, sealing surface and sealing ring must be cleaned. Before installation, a layer of vacuum grease should be applied to prevent air leakage. Put the nut on the main shaft first, then put the pressing ring into the cutting groove of the main shaft, then insert it into the spindle rotating sleeve, screw the nut, and then insert the small hexagon wrench into the small hole under the machine head to find the counterbore position, and then tighten it. [when looking for it, turn the nut with the other hand, make the wrench align with the countersink position, and then tighten it to lock the spindle, otherwise, the spindle can be removed] It will follow.

3. Installation of the four-way bottle: put the large plastic nut into the four-way bottle neck first, and then put the spring ring into the bottle neck, so that the bottle neck can be clamped firmly on one side. Then, according to the installation drawing, put the seal ring seat on the four-way bottle, and then screw the big nut on the four-way bottle into the machine head.

4. Installation of condensing bottle: first put on the stainless steel support clamp ring, and turn it to make the interface contact tightly. At this time, it is put into the vertical rod. After adjusting the position, the screw is tightened, and the vacuum joint is installed at the upper end.

5. The feeding pipe and the air release switch have been installed together when leaving the factory. Turning the handle 90 degrees can close or open the valve. Finally, install the evaporator bottle and liquid receiving bottle, and clamp them with clamps.